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The BondHub Imaging Bond Tester utilizes the full capability of the well-established BondaScope 3100 and connects to our manual or automatic scanners to generate high-resolution C-Scan images in Pitch-Catch, MIA and Resonance modes.
BondHub - Multimode Imaging Bond Tester. Advanced NDT Ltd & NDT Systems Inc. are proud to introduce one of the world’s first multi-mode imaging bond tester with fully automatic C-scan imaging capability for testing the integrity of composites and adhesively bonded structures. Image in Resonance, Pitch-Catch and MIA modes using any of our manual or automatic scanners. The BondHub Imaging Bond Tester utilizes the full capability of the well- established BondaScope 3100 and connects to our manual or automatic scanners to generate high-resolution C-Scan images in Pitch-Catch, MIA and Resonance modes. Inspection of composites and adhesively bonded materials has not seen such an advancement for many years. The power of full-field inspection images using bond testing elevates non-destructive inspection capability to a new level. Imaging Bond Testing offers many advantages including: • Easy interpretation • Increased probability of detection • Digital Archiving of results • Pitch-Catch and MIA Modes require no couplant • More consistent and reliable results • Reduced effect of human error on results • Increased speed of inspection
Full-field C-Scan results on composites & bonded structures, 12” x 18” scan area
Applications • Integrity of composites and adhesively bonded structures • Multi-layered laminates, glass fibre / carbon fibre composites, honeycomb and foam cores, metal to metal bonding, adhesively bonded fittings • Delaminations, disbonds, crushed core, skin to core flaws, far-side defects, impact damage, liquid ingress and more Features • C-Scan Imaging using Resonance, Pitch-Catch and Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) modes • No couplant required for Pitch-Catch and MIA modes • Image analysis, defect sizing, multiple gates, reporting • Portable, battery operated system, large sun-readable screen • Connects directly to a BondaScope 3100 and scanners • Compatible with other manufacturer’s bond testers Introduction As the use of composites and adhesively bonded joints has increased across many industries, the need for testing bond integrity has grown to improve the quality of the final product. Conventional ultrasonic methods can be limited for these applications and so a variety of alternative methods have been developed to handle this range of material combinations. Bond testing was once limited to manual point measurements, which offer no archiving, were open to user error, and often defects could be missed because of the small variation in signal that the defect represents. Imaging Device and Motion Controller The new BondHub imaging system interfaces with the outputs from a standard BondaScope 3100. It acts as the motion controller for the X-Y scanners and has dedicated imaging software preloaded for generation and analysis of C-Scan images. Featuring a large sun-readable screen, high-speed CPU and a large state storage, the BondHub is built into a robust Pelican style case for easy set-up and transportation, and even acts as storage for the BondaScope 3100, probes and cables. Full Battery Operation Meeting the demands of the job, the entire system, including scanners, is battery operated, making inspections possible in almost any location. A quick release keyboard and mouse are standard for practical operation. Advanced Image Analysis The CompVue software displays the live signal from the BondaScope 3100 in the well-known Phase and Amplitude Impedance plane. Once a scan is defined, the system automatically generates the C-Scan image in real time. Various alarms and gates can be used, including new colour gating for depth analysis in resonance mode. Phase, Amplitude, and a special Additive display can be displayed as variables. A host of analysis tools including defect sizing can be used before simple export via USB.
Screenshot Examples Pitch-Catch C-Scan  Resonance C-Scan  Impedance plane Scatter plot showing all data points. Multiple gate options, re-positioning or origin, ‘dead zone’ creation, 2D modelling  MIA inspection of Space panel - a carbon skinned, aluminium honeycomb sample with crushed core, damaged core, disbonds and more.  Resonance inspection of 1/4” carbon laminate. Included brass foil, armalon, release ply, release foil, pressure sensitive tape inserts at different depths.    Resonance inspection of adhesive glue line - showing cracks and voids on the adhesive through the carbon skin.  Resonance inspection of carbon laminate step block with embedded defects. Approximate thickness 0.014” - 0.070    MIA inspection of composite honeycomb reference standard    Pitch-catch inspection on a section of aircraft spoiler - glass/carbon skin, phenolic honeycomb with skin-core disbonds. StringScan II  • Simple Lightweight Manual X-Y scanner  • 30in. x 30in. (0.76m x 0.76m) scan area • Suction Feet or (Optional) Magnetic feet  • Liquid feed  • Versatile and portable • 0.020in. (0.50mm) Resolution Works with: BondHub & Raptor Imaging flaw detector
BondaScope Scanners
The BondHub also supports a growing list of available scanners from simple manual scanners to automatic scanners. There are even lightweight battery powered (NO AC Power is required) scanners available providing controlled motion semi automated scanning capability. The battery powered scanners are powered via an external battery pack incorporating the same battery as used in the BondaScope 3100 instrument.
SlideScan  • Lightweight Manual X-Y Scanner • Magnetic or Suction Feet • Phased Array (PAUT) Ready • Customized probe holders and encoder cables • Three sizes available:- o SlideScan 18x18 - Scan area 18in. x 18in. (0.46m x 0.46m) o SlideScan 24x24 - Scan area 24in. x 24in. (0.61m x 0.61m) o SlideScan 36x36 - Scan area 36in. x 36in. (0.91m x 0.91m) Works with: BondHub, Raptor Imaging flaw detector & Compatible with Phased Array Systems from other manufacturers. Optional Probe Holders & Cables available (manufacturer specific) TunnelScan  • Motorized portable X-Y Scan Bridge  • 18in. x 12in. (0.46m x 0.30m) scan area • Suction feet or (optional) Magnetic feet • Liquid feed  • Battery operated or AC powered • Self-contained battery operated unit • High Resolution = 0.001in. (0.025mm) Works with: BondHub & Raptor Imaging flaw detector CrosScan  • Automatic X-Y Scanner  • 24in. x 24in. (0.61m x 0.61m) scan area • Suction feet or (optional) Magnetic feet • Liquid feed  • Battery operated or AC powered • 0.020in. (0.5mm) Resolution Works with: BondHub & Raptor Imaging flaw detector Brochure