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Labino LabinOil
The Labino complete engine leak detection test kit with fluorescent dye and UV LED Torch.
LabinOil dye is a fluorescent dye and should be used with petroleum based lubricants. The fluorescence in the LabinOil is an effect that will be activated by irradiating with UV Light. The Labino UVG2-Spot is used together with LabinOil. The LabinOil Engine Leak Detection Kit includes six (6) 25ml bottles of LabinOil dye and one (1) UVG2-Spot UV LED Torch as well as accessories in a hard carrying case. You do not need to clean the engine before or after the engine leakage test, nor do you have to empty the engine of oil. No special training is required when using the LabinOil Kit. The LabinOil dye can be purchased in different volumes (see below) LabinOil Kit (L1401) Contains: 1 x Labino UV LED Torch - UVG2-SPOT 2 x Batteries (1 required to operate and 1 spare) 1 x Mains Charger (Charges up to 2 batteries at a time) 1 x Car Charger 1 x Belt Holster 1 x UV Blocking Glasses 6 x Bottles of LabinOil fluorescent dye (25ml each) 1 x Operating Manual 1 x Hard Carrying Case
LabinOil Dye The LabinOil dye can be purchased in different volumes:   25ml (six bottles in one package)  1 Litre  5 Litre  25 Litre Tripod Part No: A600 The Labino A600 Tripod enables the hands free operation of the LED torches. The legs can be adjusted to free stand on a surface or wrapped around objects to hold the torch in place. Brochure Accessories UV Protection Part No: S505 & S400 The Labino UV Blocking Glasses (S505) and Full Faceshield (S400).  These clear lens spectacles and faceshields offer 99.9% protection against ultraviolet radiation, provide optimum viewing contrast and help reduce fatigue. They are lightweight and fit comfortably.