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Nova TG 410
The Nova TG 410 is a precision gauge with a A-Scan (oscilloscope type) display. This allows the operator to set up the gauge for difficult tasks e.g. measuring multi-layered structures. This gauge works with all types of probes.
Nova TG410 - A-Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Bigger Is Not Always Better! The Nova TG410 A-Trace Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge defines a new standard for performance, features and portability in Hand- held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges. This Nova A-Trace Series offers Pulse Rep Rates up to 300Hz, With Display Updates of 30Hz, fast enough for all but the most demanding applications. With the introduction of three NEW, Industry Leading Features including Split-view, Split-scan and Auto-track The Nova Series possibly presents the best features for price in High Performance Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges today. The high speed, fully sunlight readable, backlit display offers Quarter VGA resolution. The resolution of the display will appear to approach analogue! User interface is via simple plain text menus located at the bottom of the display. Large numeric display zone offers full 7/16" high characters representing Thickness. Thickness Testing Applications Include: • Chemical milling • Investment Castings • Turbine blades • Tube and Pipe • Tanks • Boilers • Glass • Metals • Plastics • Composites • Rubber NOVA TG410: •Precision Measurement and all this in one Gauge. o Split-screen, A-trace o Data logging of more than 100,000 points with more than 1,500 waveforms, B-Scan or combination. o Auto Probe Recognition o Multi-probe capability o Alarm modesoUSB Output (optional extra for Data Transfer software and cable) o Calibratable from 0.020 to 20" o Through Paint Capable o Scrolling B-Scan Standard  o Encoded B-Scan Option Available • Single or Dual Element, Contact or Delay Line / Bubbler. Range 0.0050" - 20" • Gating from IP-1st, 1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd. • IP Blocking Gate, IF Blocking Gate & Echo Blocking. • High-Resolution (0.0001in, 0.0025mm) Technical Specifications • Display: o 240 x 320 Graphic (2.3"W x 3.1"H) o Back light - On / Off / Auto with reading. Last reading hold o Split-view: (Hand-held Industry First) o Main Trace Window: 100 - 10% in 10% Increments o Split View Window: 10% - 100% in 10% Increments as a Function of Main Trace Window Size o Split-scan: (Hand-held Industry First) Display A-Trace and B-Scan Simultaneously o Auto-track: (Hand-held Industry First) o When in Split-view, Second Window Displays a Zoom View of the Main A-Trace which Tracks The Echo Being Measured o Screen Freeze Mode • Physical: 3.25" Wide x 1.4" Deep x 7" Long All Aluminium with gasketed end caps • Range: 0.005" - 20" Total incorporating 40" Delay • Resolution - 0.0001" • Inch/mm selectable • Velocity Range: 0.0490 to .9999 in/us • fully adjustable. • Calibration: Range, Delay, Velocity & Zero • Pulser / Receiver: Up to 300Hz Rep Rate, Unique and Adjustable IP Suppression Mode • Display Mode: RF, +HW, -HW, FW • GAIN: Hardware AGC or user selectable gain 66dB with 96dB Attenuation • 500Khz - 20MHz • Probe Select: Single / Dual Element Probe Library Selection • Damping: - 8 Damping Levels 22 - 2K Ohms • Alarm: LED Thickness High, Lo or High/Lo I/O: • RS-232 I/O: Download data from logger (Optional USB Connectivity) • Memory: 2 Megabyte data logger. 30+ character alpha numeric identification of files. Store 20,000+ Data Points with Waveforms & B-Scans • Operational Modes: Single/Dual/Angle/Contact/Delay • Gates: Contact - IP-1st, 1st-2nd Permits Through Paint Delay/Bubbler/Immersion IP Blocking, IF Blocking, IF-1st, 1st-2nd Echo Block, POSITIVE or NEGATIVE Gating • B-Scan Features: Stacked Echo or Section View • 'T' Scan - Time encoded 'B' Scan (Scrolling) Encoded B-Scan • Power Requirements: Operates on 3 or 6 AA Alkaline or NiMH Batteries • Charger & Batteries Included • Transducers, cables and accessories are available for almost any application • Hard Plastic carry case included • CE Approved
Screenshot Examples Dual A-Trace, second - third echo, RF  Adjustable time encoded B-Scan  Full Wave, Through-paint, dual element Delay line mode Customizable data logger Brochure
Nova TG410