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Labino Nova Torch - ALS
The Labino Nova Torch LED Torch Crime Kit - Alternative Light Sources (ALS) are invaluable for detecting substances (forensic trace) at a crime scene such as: body fluids (semen, urine, saliva, vaginal fluids, blood, sweat etc.), bruising, hair, fibres, foot prints, fingerprints, Ninhydrine (treated fingerprints), Super glue (treated fingerprints), Lumicyano Treated Fingerprints, Fluorescent dyes, powders, stamps, markers, basic yellow 40, Cyanoacrylate, (SmartWater TM) and general searching.
Nova Torch Light Crime Kit 8 LAMPS | SMALL | LIGHT WEIGHT PERFECT LIGHT BEAM Labino has developed a new ALS (Alternative Light Source / Alternate Light Source) Crime kit, the "Labino Nova Torch", based on our present torch - Labino Torch light UVG2. The kit includes 8 Led torches in different wavelengths as well as suitable accessories. The Lamp has a perfect light beam, is light weight and easy to use. The Labino Nova Torch is a cordless battery operated torch light based on the latest LED technology. The new Labino Nova Torch Light range consists of eight (8) high intensity alternate forensic light sources (ALS) for crime scene investigation as well as laboratory use. The light emitting diodes emit a beam of light that is "evenly" distributed. The torch can be operated with 1 Li-ion battery and offers 180 minutes running time (continuous use) when fully charged. Its compact size makes it easy to work with and with an instant start function you get full power immediately. The Nova torches are compact & lightweight for easier handling. The Labino Nova Torch light kit is also supplied with a tripod for hands-free operation. It is possible to place it on a table or on the floor, as well as wrap it around something, i.e. a small tree, a table base or some other kind of pole, to get the perfect view. Ideal for secure hands free positioning during photography or examination.
Nova Torch Lights are available individually or as the Nova Torch Light Kit which includes 8 Torches, 4 goggles, 1 tripod, 1 car charger, 2 battery chargers, Hard carrying case and other accessories, please see below.
Labino Nova Torches being used in a mock crime scene Brochure
Nova LED Torches