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Labino SuperXenon MPXL
The New Generation of Xenon Light is here! Labino SuperXenon 35W MPXL UV Lights & The Super Powerful Labino SuperXenon 50W MPXL UV lights.
Labino® SuperXenon  -  35W & 50W The Labino® SuperXenon UV lamp 35W & 50W are based on MPXL technology. The 50w version is one of the most powerful hand-held UV Lamps on the market! The 50W Xenon bulbs generate an extremely high UV intensity, providing a very clear excitation of fluorescent material. This lamp makes it possible to search very large areas. You can use a floodlight reflector on the 50w version and still see excitations in daylight and at great distances. The Labino® SuperXenon UV lamps contain the electronics and bulb in a single housing and is available with either no handle (SXNH), a pistol handle (SXPH) or as a top handle (SXH). The Labino SuperXenon UV Lamps can be operated by two different power systems – battery as well as via a Power Supply Unit (PSU). The PSU model weighs just 1.4 kilos (3.1lbs) and the battery operated model weighs 1.9 kilos (4.2lbs). The battery is a docking battery. You can easily replace to a new battery and recharge the used one. You can also switch between a battery and mains power supply unit (PSU) on the same lamp. The Battery version is equipped with a current regulator that keeps the UV intensity constant even when the battery fades. The mains model is equipped with a 2.8 meter (9 feet) long extendable cord. You can choose between three distinctions – floodlight, midlight or spotlight – each giving different beams and intensities. The Labino SuperXenon UV Lamps obtain full power in 5-15 seconds and can be switched on and off whenever used, without pre-cooling. It is unaffected by magnetic fields. The Labino SuperXenon UV Lamps are equipped with the same UV filter glass, filter frame, reflectors and pistol handle as the Original Labino Standard MPXL UV Lamps, the Labino SuperXenon 35w even uses the exact same model of bulb (DUV-35W). Hard Carry / Storage Case available as an extra if required. As much Power as you can get! Labino® SuperXenon 50 W UV lamp is one of the most powerful hand-held UV lamp on the market! The 50 W Xenon bulb offers an extremely high UV intensity, providing a very clear excitation of fluorescent material. This lamp makes it possible to search very large areas as you can use a floodlight reflector and still see excitations in daylight and at great distances. Labino® SuperXenon 35 W UV Lamp has all the features as the 50 W version but has lower UV intensities. Some industry standards state a lower UV intensity must be used. This 35 W SuperXenon allows for this but still giving you great operating features and portability. Uses the same bulb/lamp (DUV-35W - F101) as the very popular standard Labino MPXL 35w UV Light range. Technical Specification • Power: 50W or 35W • Wavelength: 365 nm (Peak)•Estimated bulb life time: 2,000 hours • Power Supply: Battery or Mains (AC) • Length: 25cm (9.8) inches) • Housing Diameter: 15.5cm (6.1 inches) • Weight Mains: 1.4 Kilos (3.1 lbs) • Weight Battery: 1.9 Kilos (4.2 lbs) • Battery Running Time: 1 Hours +/-5% (continuous usage, can be increased greatly by powering down between inspections. Additional Docking Batteries are available to allow even longer operational periods) • Current Regulator as standard (keeps the UV intensity constant even when the battery fades) • UV Intensities at 38cm (15 inches): o SuperXenon 50W ▪ 50W SPOT:  60,000 μW/cm2  (600 W/m2) ▪ 50W MID:  17,000 μW/cm2  (170 W/m2) ▪ 50W FLOOD:  5,800 μW/cm2  (58 W/m2) o SuperXenon 35W ▪ 35W SPOT:  45,000 μW/cm2  (450 W/m2) ▪ 35W MID:  12,000 μW/cm2  (120 W/m2) ▪ 35W FLOOD:  4,000 μW/cm2  (40 W/m2)
When ordering please state:- Labino SuperXenon 35W or Labino SuperXenon 50W Mains or Battery Top Handle (SXH) or Pistol Handle (SXPH) or No Handle (SXNH) e.g. Labino SuperXenon 50W / Battery / Top handle (SXH)
Also available as the Labino SuperXenon LUMI Kit High Performance 325nm UV Light combined with Lumicyano a Ground breaking Latent Fingerprint Solution - For Forensic & Crime Applications. A Labino SuperXenon LUMI Kit plus LumicyanoTM Solution, in combination with a fuming chamber, provides you with everything you need to start using Lumicyano TM  for fingerprint detection. It removes the post processing stage of staining or dusting with powder. Furthermore it’s compatible with future DNA analysis.
Brochure Accessories Friction Arm Part No: A530 Labino Friction Arm (A530) is a high quality, flexible and easy-to-use support system. The system is suitable for many different applications, enabling the operator to work with two free hands. Jointed arm with just one large locking knob. Either free stand on the 3 leg base or clamp to bench etc. via the second clamp.  Length: 53 cm (21). Weight: 1.07 kg (2.35 lb) are only, 2.55 kg (5.61 lb) complete. UV Protection Part No: S505 & S400 The Labino UV Blocking Glasses (S505) and Full Faceshield (S400).  These clear lens spectacles and faceshields offer 99.9% protection against ultraviolet radiation, provide optimum viewing contrast and help reduce fatigue. They are lightweight and fit comfortably.
SuperXenon UV