Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges allowing you to measure from one side only, ideal for many material wall thickness testing applications. From Simple Fixed Velocity Ultrasonic Thickness Testers to High Speed On-line Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
Dakota ZX-1 & ZX-2  The Dakota ZX-1 & ZX-2 are basic fixed velocity ultrasonic thickness gauges that require no special training to operate. Nova TG110-DL  The NOVA TG110-DL is our most popular ultrasonic thickness gauge.  With a great ultrasonic performance and all the features that you may require, including a Through Paint option. A range of probes are available to cater for difficult materials, High Temperatures etc. Nova TG 900 Series  The NOVA 900 series are precision ultrasonic thickness gauges offering higher accuracy than the general purpose gauges. Available in hand held or bench top configuration, a range of transducers are available to cover most thickness gauging requirements. SIUI CTS-30A  The SIUI CTS-30A is a small, lightweight ultrasonic thickness gauge which offers exceptional value for money. NovaScope 6000  The NovaScope 6000 has been developed for the most demanding of thickness gauging tasks such as the wall thickness of turbine blades or on line wall thickness measurement of tubes at high speed. It has outstanding performance and high accuracy. Nova TG410  The NOVA TG410 is a precision ultrasonic thickness gauge with a A-Scan (oscilloscope type) display. This allows the operator to set up the gauge for difficult tasks e.g. measuring multi-layered structures. This gauge works with all types of ultrasonic probes. CB110 - Sidewinder  Automotive Inspection with the CB110 Sidewinder. Applications include Cylinder Bore Inspection, Head Porting, Chassis & Body Members and more.
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Thickness Gauges